water heater replacement quotes ct

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Water heater replacement quotes ct

We offer free water heater replacement quotes for any domestic water heater within New Haven and Fairfield counties.



Domestic Water Heaters have two main different characteristics.  They are either; Conventional/ normal efficiency. or, High-efficiency.

How to get a easy water heater placement quote in CT.

Everyday we provide homeowners like you replacement quotes for any of the “conventional/ normal efficiency”, domestic water heater types found in 90% of all homes within America.   Common domestic water heaters are listed below, and providing you with a quote is very easy using a smart phone.   We created this list, and the links, pages with more complete information describing each type, with the mission of helping you learn what type of water heater you have now.  Once you know what type of water heater your home has now, we can get you a quote to for an exact replacement or talk about high-efficiency replacement options.   If you have been asking,  How do i figure out what type of water hater do I have?   This is the cheat sheet you have been looking for. 

    • Natural Gas & Propane  (the 40 & 50 gallon tank)
      The most common water heater in America.
    • Oil Fired (30 & 50 gallon tanks)
      Are only found in homes using heating oil.
    • Standard Electric  (50 & 80 gallon tanks)
      Are the only option when no other fuel source is available.
    • Indirect (40,50,60,80 gallon tanks)
      They have their own heating zone & circulation pump, always connected to a boiler.
    • Storage Tanks (30,40,50 gallon tanks/  aka aqua-boosters)
      Always connected to a oil-fired boiler.
    • Tankless Coil  (only found within oil-fired boilers)
      Can run independently/ straight out of the boiler, but usually connected to a aqua-booster/ storage tank.

After you know what type of water heater your home currently has, you can get free quote to have your water heater replaced.   However, before we can give you an accurate quote we first need to know the following things, and all can be found out by simply looking at the water heater. 

  1. What types it is from the list.  (figure that out be comparing your water heater to the listed types above)
  2. What Brand/ Manufactures it is.  (found on its label)
  3. What (gallon) size capacity it is.  (found on its label)
  4. What type of fuel it uses  (gas, propane, electric, oil, other)
  5. How the venting/exhaust line is leaving tank and entering chimney (if it has an exhaust vent)

Now gathering this information and sending it to us for a quote is as easy as taking a few pictures and text messaging them to 203.376.5208. Everyone knows how to take a picture using a smart phone, and all you have to do is send a few pics we need as text messages.  ( No uploading pics to the computer and sending emails  is necessary)   

To get a water heater quote as easy as possibly take these pictures and text them to 203.376.5208

  1. One Full length picture of the from of the water heater, from floor to ceiling.  (you should be standing at least 12′ feet away from water heater wile taking pic)  This pic is so we can see exactly how much room there is to work around the water heater, and to visually check it’s not located in a challenging- tight, location.
  2. 1 Close up & Clear picture of the label on the side of tank.  This label should contain the following information.  Manufacture, model #, serial #, gallon capacity, performance numbers in GPH  (Please make sure it is a clear picture so we can read the information)
  3.  If your water heater has an exhaust vent, we want one clear picture of the vent.   Shot should be from about 6 feet away- not a close up.   We want to see how it leaves the tank and the venting condition as it enters the chimney or another common vent.  (Note: only natural gas, propane and oil-fired water heaters will have an exhaust pipe)
  4. The last picture should be of the piping.   We want to see the diameter of water lines connected to your current water heater.   If you are not sure what piping, take a short (15 second max) video of all the pipes connected to the water heater.   Please make sure you move the camera slowly, as you move it place to place.

Believe it or not, all we need you to do it “paint us a picture” as if we were there.   Checking out a water heater doesn’t take much time or effort, but driving to your home and sitting through traffic and wasting time on the road makes your quote go up.   People often ask how we can be hundreds of dollars less on the same exact water heater quote, and that is easy to answer.  Because we work smart, not hard.   By working with smart homeowners, we can save a ton of time.   Installing conventional “tank type” water heater takes as little as 1-2 hours.   Driving to your home home for a estimate, takes time energy and gas away from us being productive elsewhere.   When intelligent homeowners send us the pictures/ information we need, we don’t need to take productivity away from our normal working days.  We work smart, smart homeowners get discounts.   It’s that simple.

J Sullivan

Installation Manager
A Plus Plumber llc
Orange CT