Tank Only- oil water heater replacements

bock tank only replacement
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Tank Only- Oil Fired Water Heater Replacements CT

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bock tank only installConnecticut homeowners are crushed in debt, the value of our homes fell off the charts from all time high values of a few years ago.  Good paying jobs are harder to find than ever before, taxes, insurance and food is more expensive than ever before.  There was a recent report that CT is the second slowest state in the nation “recovering” from the national economy.

Without question, over the last 6 months we have received more calls from people that just simply cannot offered a new oil fired water heater than since we started this business 14 years ago.   Seemingly “well to do families” from upper-middle class areas, first time homeowners, senior citizens and it seems literally everyone we talk to these days are dead broke.  It’s hard breaking, and the owners of this business believe our politicians are squarely to blame.

We can do a Tank Only replacement of an oil fired water heater for $500- $700 dollars  Plus the cost of tank & materials.

What that $500-700 represents.

Besides the water connections & re-installing the burner, we have low voltage electrical connections, the safety kill switch, venting, and combustion adjustments to make.   This is so you have a properly working burner, the temperature settings are adjusted, you don’t get carbon monoxide poisoning and your water heater burns as little fuel as possible.  We are not just throwing in a tank, we are going over ever step- thoroughly and professionally.

$500-700 dollars is NOT “labor

Please don’t be the person that does some basic internet research and finds out what a tank costs, subtract that from our quote and say something like..   “oh you guys are charging me (X amount) of dollars in LABOR?”   Ugh, people like this clearly have never owned a business, so let us break it down quickly.

Remember, we need to travel to your home, in a truck (we paid for), and it requires fuel, oil, tires and we need to bring expensive tools, years of experience, all the necessary acquired skills to do the job.  Our installers went to school for 6 years, did 10,000 hours of training just to get licensed and all carry at least a 2 million dollar insurance policy.  Our installers are not only traditional plumbers, they are experienced with oil fired products (and there are not many of us left.)   We need to remove and dispose of your old equipment at the proper recycling facility.  There is more than just installing the tank that goes into your quote-

Don’t forget about our business expenses-
Like any other business we have bills from; office phones, cell phones, trucks, tools, insurance, workers comp, accounts with wholesalers, office suppliers, websites, servers, marketing, office help, an account, and even the better business bureau charges a yearly fee these days.   You are paying for a portion of every single business expense we have, and obliviously the men preforming the work at your home, the tools they are using, and the truck they arrived in.  So when you think to yourself about “labor chargers” Please think about the total picture.

Safe > Sorry

Oil fired water heaters contain enough force (if a major accident happens) lets just say, no one in your home would be the same, some family members might not even live through it.  Oil fired water heaters produce as much BTU’s and can hold enough potential stored energy as a very powerful bomb.   DO NOT TRUST SOME GUY WORKING PART TIME IN THE HOME DEPOT PLUMBING SECTION INSTALL YOUR OIL FIRED WATER HEATER!  He or she certainly does Not have a fuel combustion analyzer, and will not be back at your house if and when the burner shuts down, you smell fuel in the air, or see black shoot coming out of your chimney!  God forbid, having an inexperienced oil man install an oil fired water heater could be the worse mistake of your life.

But I Desperately Need To Save Money On My Oil Fired Water Heater Installation Costs!  

$500-700 is the best we can do for an oil fired water heater installation, sorry if that doesn’t fit in your budget.   You can safe money on the installation of almost anything else you need for your home, but not heating products.

Feel free to get anyone working part time in the plumbing section of your local home depot to install your new faucet, toilet, sink, dishwasher, washing machine, fence etc.   Those things will not kill you or destroy your home if they fail!   I REPEAT DO NOT TRY TO INSTALL A OIL FIRED WATER HEATER UNLESS YOU ARE A LICENSED PLUMBER, WITH EXPERIENCE IN OIL FIRED PRODUCTS- BURNERS- AND PROPER COMBUSTION TRAINING!

For 500-700 bucks we will get the job done 100% correctly, you can sleep well at night knowing everything is perfect.   Peace of mind for the next 12-15 years is certainly worth our installation rates.  If you don’t agree please, as respectfully as I can possible say this, please do not waste our time.