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Gas Water Heater Quotes, CT

What type of fuel do you have?   Natural gas or Propane?    That’s questions #1.    How is your gas water heater Vented, is question #2.   Standard atmospherically vented, gas and propane water heaters are the most popular, water heaters in America and are reasonably priced.  (pictured lower left)  Power vented water heaters are found in homes without chimneys, (pictured right) and rely on an expensive motor to remove the harmful exhuast gases from the home or buliding.

gas water heater

Rheem water heater

How do I know what type of gas water heater I have?  If you have a silver colored exhaust pipe (3″ diameter) at the top of your gas water heater, connecting your water heater to the chimney, you have a standard atmospheric water heater.   (Pictured left)   If you have a 2-4′ plastic exhuast vent, usually PVC but sometimes black ABS piping, you have a Power Vented gas water heater (pictured right.)

The most popular seizes are 40 & 50 gallon models, 30 gallon models can be found in small homes and 75 gallon models in larger homes.   Replacing gas “tank type” water heaters are relatively easy, tho manufactures have been changing some things (improving safety & efficiency) that make installations more challenging for installers.  For example, all manufactures of gas water heaters have re positioned  their gas valves higher off the ground/ higher up the tank.   Now even if there is a difference of 1/2″ inch from the old and new gas valves, a significant amount of time could get used up dealing with the black pipe modification.  That is because there is usually ZERO “extra slack” on black gas pipe.    gas water heater quoteAll water heaters produced after March 2015 are need to meet the Federal Gov latest efficiency guileless for water heaters. Meaning, many of the new water heaters built after March 2015 are have more insulation, and are a little thicker and taller.   If trying to install a new water heater in a tight space, we may run into some issues/ double check the measurements before buying a replacement gas water heater.

power vented water heater
Power vented w/ exhaust motor

Note: If you have a gas-fired water heater, and no traditional chimney within your home you should have a “Power-Vented System”.   Power-vented water heaters have a integrated motor and carbon monoxide detector build within them, and the result are significantly more expensive than conventional “atmospheric” vented gas-fired water heaters. Learn more about gas-fired Power Vented water heaters below.

If you need a price on a natural gas water heater or propane water heater replacement in Connecticut give me a call.

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Power-vented water heaters have the additional responsibility of safely ejecting the exhaust & carbon dioxide.

Two different ways gas-fired water heaters can be vented- without a traditional chimney.

1)  powervented water heater ctIntegrated power-vented water heater.
This (left) is the most modern, most common type of power-vented water heater.


2) An external power-venting kit is also available, but not recommended.   They look like this (right & below).   An exhaust fan (1st pic) is wired back into the gas valve of the water heater (2nd pic) and a censor attaches to the top of the tank at the exhaust venting. (vent censor pic missing)  powervented kit for water heaterspowervented kit gas control

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