Navien vs Eternal – the comparison review

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Eternal vs Navien. The showdown – product review.

Eternal tankless water heater vs Navien tankless water heaters.
The Comparison and Review.   From a guy that has personally installed dozens of both.

If you or your significant other is trying to decide between the Eternal hybrid tankless and the Navien tankless the choice is easy.

Go with the Eternal.

  1. It is a much simpler design.   Less things to go wrong
  2. Longer warranty. Twice as long as Navien,  20 years on heat exchanger, 6 years on parts  (when installed by an Eternal qualified installer)
  3. Easier to install. The Isolator valve kit is not required with an Eternal so it’s easier to install than the Navien.
  4. Less additional parts are needed. The Isolator valve kit is not required with an Eternal.
  5. Less damage to the home. A Navein requires either 2,  3″ holes or 1, 4″ hole for air feed and return.   Eternal requires just 2″ holes.
  6. Less maintenance. You need to flush Navien’s heat exchanger every year.  The Eternal requires no maintenance because it doesn’t have a traditional heat exchanger.
  7. More hot water. If you live in a area with cold winter weather like I do you need the most powerful units you can get, with the most GPM (gallons per minute)  The Eternal can out preform almost all Naviens.
  8.   Less cold water sandwiching issue. Cold water sandwiching is the effect of pressure and temperature fluctuation, that is common in all conventional tankelss water heaters with conventional heat exchangers.   The Eternal has a fundamentally different design that over comes this problem.

So what’s the down fall?   Price….   You knew it was coming.   The Eternal is one of the best tankless water heater on the market today and it’s one of the more expensive units on the market.   The price range for the three different Eternal hybrid tankless water heater models is in the $1,500- $2,000 range.   If the fuel savings doesn’t justify the additional expense the longevity will.  Eternal tankless heaters are designed and built to last 20-40 years, which out last 2-3 conventional tank type heaters and that’s where the real savings is.

Important note!  This review is based on my personal experience and fact finding efforts.   This is based on my options and the area of world I’m located in has a big impact on my review.  The area of the world you are in (freezing winters or not) has a HUGE impact on selecting a tankless water heater.   For more helpful information take a look at this article:  Winter weather concerns when choosing a tankless water heater.   Also maybe it’s important to mention I have not received one nickel from Eternal or any company to write this review.    Jay S.

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