Insurance policies and water heaters.

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Insurance policies and water heaters.

Association rules, insurance policies and water heaters.

Did you recently get a notice regarding your water heater, the buildings insurance policy?  Has your insurance policy changed it’s guidelines for water heaters and now you have been asked to replace your water heater?  This is the information you are looking for.  Water heaters and insurance policies.

If you own a Condo, Townhouse or Apartment as your primary home or as an investment read this. When you out-right own a traditional structure, building, home etc you can run your water heater until it leaks, and most do.  Let it leaks, who cares, it’s only your possessions that will get ruined.  When you live in a conventional home the insurance falls under standard homeowner insurance polices so you can do what you want.  When it comes to the water heater in a single family residence the insurance company can’t tell you when toreplace it, (that will likely change eventually.)

However when you live in a Condo or Townhouse you have strict guidelines with your buildings insurance policy and association rules regarding the water heater.  Almost all new insurance polices for condo’s & townhouses have a special requirements for the water heaters within the units.  Some rules or mandates are as follows;  the water heater may need a pan under, water alarm under it, automatic shut off valve installed to it, or all three.  Other insurance companies have implemented strict replacement guidelines such as;  all water heaters must be replaced at the time the original manufactures warranty expires.

Traditionally water heater come with 6 year warranties, so this would mean replacing your water heater every six years.   Even if your water heater is working & looks perfectly fine you have no choice but replace you water heater when the insurance company sends that notice in your mail box.

Best idea when installing a water heater in a condo, townhouse or apartment.
Get a longer warrantied water heater!

Some water heater manufactures such as Rheem & A.O Smith offer “professional series” water heaters which come with the extended warranties.  A bit more expensive but the longer warranty more than justifies the extra cost.   If you don’t like the idea of a plumber turning your utility closet upside down every 6 years you should look into a longer warrantied product with a 8, 10 or 12 year warranty.    It’s simple math, if a new standard 40 gallon gas 6 year water heater installation costs $1,000 that’s equates to $166 per year.   A 10 year warrantied  professional series water heater installation costs around $1,250 which equates to $125 per year.

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