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Heat Pump Water Heater Quotes &
Everything you need to know.

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When is a heat pump water heater a good fit for a home?
Hands down they are PERFECT for ALL “all electric home”.   Anyone in an  all electric home, with a standard electric water heater can expect to save 50% on hot water heating expenses with a heat pump water heater.    Heat pump water heaters are for anyone that wants the most efficient & environmentally responsible option and currently has a conventional electric water heater, they are also helpful for homes trying to get off, or reduce the use of heating oil when a tankless coil running off an oil fired boiler.

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Heat Pump vs Standard Electric

How much off my electrical bill will I save with a heat pump water heater?
A heat pump heater replacing a conventional electric water heater will drastically reduce your electric bill.   It costs half of a regular electric water heater to run.  Most med-large families in areas of higher utility rates can spend $500- $1,000 a year in the North East.   A heat pump unit will knock that down by about half.

Most popular Heat Pump water heaters bands and models.

Are all heat pump water heaters the same?

GE heat pump water heater
50 gall GE heat pump

No.  The higher end units are better made, and better designed.   The GE. Geospring and Whirlpool heat pump water heaters for example are the lowest cost heat pumps.  However they do not have removable heat pumps, where as the Rheem/ Ruud does.  That means if you have a heat pump break down with a Geo-spring or Whirlpool the entire unit will have to be removed.  With 2 completely independent water heating systems even if the heat pump goes down the Rheem HP-50 it’’s heat pump can be removed, tank left installed to home, and the electric elements will provide hot water until the new heat pump is installed on top.  This is a very, maybe the most important feature.

A  heat pump water heaters such as the Rheem HP-50 or A.O. Smith Voltex runs about 50% of a standard electric heater and has the incredible extra benefit of Dehumidifying the basement as a by produce of it’s operation.

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How much off my oil expense will I save with a heat pump water heater?
Replacing a tankless coil off a oil fired boiler with a heat pump water heater will drastically reduce your oil bill. A heat pump water heater will allow you to shut down the boiler for the entire “non heating” season, saving you hundreds upon hundreds per year.

How difficult is installing a heat pump water heater?   Not very difficult when you are experienced installing them.
If you currently have a electric water heater and the heat pump can go in the exact same place is could be as little as $600-$700 labor.     If you currently have a tankless coil or an oil fired water heater, there is an additional expense of terminating the oil line, patching the chimney and paying for a new dedicated 220 amp electrical power line to the unit installed by a licensed electrician.

Ho long do heat pump water heaters last?
Fully integrated heat pump electric water heaters have only been on the market for a couple years so it’s yet to be seen, but they are built much better than conventional heaters so they should last twice as long as conventional water heaters.

What is the warranty on a heat pump water heater?
Most manufactures are offering 10 years warranties.

What the performance of a heat pump water heater?
Depending on the heat setting a heat pump water heater can produce 50% more hot water than a conventional electric heater, because the heat pump has not only a the heat pump but 2 electric heating elements within the tank.

When does it make sense to install a heat pump water heater?
A) They make a lot of sense when they replace a standard electric water heater, because they will save serious money off electric bill.  B)  If you have a tankless coil running off a oil fired boiler a heat pump water heater is a great way to go because it will allow you to shut down the boiler all year during the non heating season, saving you BIG money on oil expenses.  C)  If you have a problem with humidity in your basement, a heat pump has a great benefit of dehumidifying about 700-1,000 square feet around it.  D) If your current electric water heater is dying, or you have a tankless coil it’s time to explore a high efficient, long lasting product like a quality heat pump water heater.

Extra Benefit:
All heat pump water heaters have the great benefit of dehumidifying about 700-1,000 square feet around it.

Extra installation considerations.
A) You must dispose of the condensate produced by the unit.  It must be drained, or pumped to a drain within the home.  B)  The tanks are very tall in height and because of this they cannot always be installed in the same location of the current electric water heater,  which is why the installation prices can vary quite a bit.  C)  If it’s being installed in a new location a licensed electrician must preform the new electric work.

How do heat pump water heaters work?
They all work by pulling in a lot of surrounding air, separating the warmth, and putting the warmth/heat into the tank of water through heating exchanging tubes within the tank.

Why is a heat pump water heater so efficient?
Moving heat from one place to another is much more efficient that creating it.

How much does a heat pump water heater cost?
They go from $1,400 to $2,800, depending on size and brand.

What do they cost to have installed?
Most plumbers charge from $600 for an easy installation to $1,400 for the most difficult installations.

Are any of them a good fit for your home?
Most likely.  The come in different sizes, some tall and narrow, others shorter and wider.

Heat pump size options.
Rheem, Ruud, A.O Smith, and State offer 40 gallon, 50 gallon, 80 gallon sizes, and likely sizes from others from other manufactures.


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