Navien Repair CT

Navien Repair CT Navien repair services, New Haven- Fairfield, CT 800.524.4280  –  203.376.5208 Congrats finding us, there are not too many factory trained repair technicians in Connecticut. We know not having hot water is a huge headache, and down right maddening since you spent good money for the installation, not … Continue reading

new HTP heating products 2015

HTP Product Line-2015 On September 24th, HTP (Heat Transfer Products) showcased their upcoming 2015 hydronic heating line-up at the Marriott hotel in Trumbull Connecticut.  Professional heating contractors, mechanical companies and engineers working with Shelton Winnelson (the leading supplier of HTP equipment in CT) were invited to learn about HTP’s 2015 … Continue reading

Emergency water heater replacement CT

Emergency water heater replacement CT Lighting Fast Residential & Commercial Water Heaters, Storage Tanks, and Indirect Tanks. If you need a fast residential or commercial water heater replacement you need to call us.  We have many of the most popular water heaters in stock, and partnered with 4 different wholesale … Continue reading

water heater replacement quotes ct

Water heater replacement quotes ct We offer free water heater replacement quotes for any domestic water heater within New Haven and Fairfield counties. 800.524.4280 203.376.5208 Domestic Water Heaters have two main different characteristics.  They are either; Conventional/ normal efficiency. or, High-efficiency. How to get a easy water heater placement … Continue reading

Old circulator pumps, hidden electrical consumption

Save electricity with new ECM variable speed circulator pumps. The average “old fashion” circulator pump consumers from 80-90 watts, per pump.   If a home has 4 zones, it likely has 4 circulator pumps, one for each zone.  Or, 1 large circulator pump and a zone valves for each zone.   In … Continue reading