Electric Boiler Replacement Quotes, CT

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Get an electric boiler quote over the phone, by text, or email. We offer complete installation of electric boilers throughout Fairfield & New Haven Connecticut.  Residential & Commercial installations available.  800.524.4280 203.376.5208 mr.waterheaters@yahoo.com Our electric boilers are available in 11 Hot Water Sizes Ranging from 20,472 BTUH (6KW) to 136,480 … Continue reading

Electric Heat Pump System Installers CT

Many People Ask, What’s The Best Way to Heat Electrically?  What’s the best electric boiler on the market today?   What is a high-efficiency option to a electric boiler? The most efficient way to heat is with a high-efficiency heat pump system.   They consume low amounts of electricity during usage … Continue reading

Tank Only- oil water heater replacements

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Tank Only- Oil Fired Water Heater Replacements CT 203.376.5208  / 800.524.4280 Connecticut homeowners are crushed in debt, the value of our homes fell off the charts from all time high values of a few years ago.  Good paying jobs are harder to find than ever before, taxes, insurance and food … Continue reading

Fall Water Heater Updates


The Summer is over, and as the nights get colder, so does the water entering your water heater.   As the weather gets colder the showers get hotter and last longer.   The colder water entering the tank and the joy of long hot showers, makes your old water heater work much … Continue reading

FCX oil boiler


Oil-Fired Condensing Boilers   Space Heating & DHW Greenstar Combi 151 The FCX is a “Combi” (combination) space heating and integrated domestic water heater in one highly efficient, compact unit.  With special insulation to ensure ultra quiet operation and the exclusive keypad safety lock feature to prevent unwanted tampering with … Continue reading